Automotive parts – switches


ELODA d.o.o. is Croatian leading manufacturer of automotive electrical parts such as various switches and indicators.
ELODA was founded in 1983. as a small family workshop manufacturing hydraulic brake light switches. Dynamic growth started in early nineties with special impact on following aspects:

- Implementation of quality management system, process planning and promoting development capabilities
- Improvement of organizational structure
- Expansion of product range
- Assurance of resources
- Improvement of electronic data processing
- Growing contacts with renown European manufacturers in automotive field

Market expansion:

- Increase of customers
- Supplying to OEM
- Development and supply of hydraulic brake light switches for FTE Automotive
- Development and supply of various kind of switches and indicators for Robert BOSCH
- Development and supply of pressure switches for WABCO Europe
- Development and supply of brake light switches for CONTINENTAL Teves