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5 – axis milling machine

New vertical 5 – axis milling machine has been implemented in our production.


This 5 – axis milling machine is capable producing all complex shape products that requires a high level of accuracy. Spindle is placed vertically that provides greater hardness during production with all three translation axis (X, Y, Z) while on 2 –ax platform available axis are A and C, which means that the table can rotate around those axis. All together we have 5 available axis from which one is indexed and that means that we can use 4 axis simultaneously while one is locked.

There is a wide range of application, from production of individual products to small serial production that mainly includes production of tools and medical instruments. We are using INVENTOR-CAM software support.

Technical information:

Product weight: 300 kg

Max product dimensions:

Dimenzije proizvoda

Software: Siemens 828D