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Enviromental management

Due to increasing knowledge that environmental pollution in the first place endangers man himself, ELODA company has established environmental policy that is committed to:
• continuous harmonization of environmental management with legal regulations and its compliance,
• conservation of natural resources with economic development that does not endanger the environment,
• rational use of resources,
• continuous education of workers in order to fully understand environmental management system,
• maintaining the highest level of control over factors that affect the environment in the processes of development and production,
• continuous improvement of production using high technology and the introduction of modern methods of control of the production process to prevent negative impacts on the environment,
• continuous improvement of environmental management results and anti-pollution by preventive measures,
• efficient disposal of existing waste without emergence of a new one
• clear division of responsibility and authority for implementation of all elements that influence the environmental management system,
• ensure optimum material, spatial, technical and other requirements for environmental management,
• encouragement and motivation to maintain an active attitude towards environmental management,
• integration of environmental management requirements of Quality Management System
• constant monitoring in order to achieve set goals.

Our Enviromental management system is certified according to ISO 14001:2015