Automotive parts – switches


ELODA d.o.o. is certified according ISO/TS 16949 standard and therefore procurement process is in compliance with it’s requirements.

All potential suppliers have to be certified according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. All supplied materials and services used in production have great impact on quality of ELODA’s products. Therefore with each delivery supplier must obtain and submit objective evidence that delivered materials/services are in the compliance with previously established quality and environmental requirements. All suppliers are periodically assessed depending of delivered product type and quality of previous deliveries.

ELODA uses following material and services:

– steel sheets and bars for machine processing

– copper sheets and bars and copper alloys

– polymers

– contact materials

– technical springs

– sealing material and products

– screws and rivets

– anti-corrosion protection

– other materials and services

Tools and measuring equipment are purchased on the basis of experience, references and previously known product quality of specific brand. The quality it self is determined by documentation (TDS, calibration reports, etc.) which must be submitted with delivered goods, incoming inspection and by follow up during exploitation. With all delivered tools and measuring equipment, evidence of it’s environmental acceptability must be submitted.